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The holiday season can be one of the darkest and most difficult times of the year for kids and families battling PANS PANDAS.

These children and families often experience heightened social restrictions, including very limited activities with immediate and extended family, as well as with close friends. This compounds their isolation and punctuates a loss of joy of the season they once knew. Merriment disappears, and the families experience the recurring despair of being stripped of their usual social and support networks. They simply can’t see any light at the end of a long dark tunnel they find themselves in, and loneliness grips them. All is not calm. All is not bright. 

Some of the greatest challenges for those battling PANS PANDAS in Canada is the immense lack of awareness, education and supports.  

Inflamed Brain Alliance is committed to overcoming those challenges. Through online support groups, we’re encouraging connections, allowing families to share experiences and provide emotional support. We’re creating and sharing more resources with our community to help improve understanding and reduce anxiety. We’re working to unite our PANS PANDAS community who feel isolated and alone, helping them to become more resilient and better-informed in the face of the difficulties these life-changing illnesses bring. 

As Canada’s only patient-centered PANS PANDAS charity, IBA is uniquely positioned to help PANS PANDAS children and their families restore brain health and renew hope.

But we need your help.

Your gift to IBA ensures we can spearhead PANS PANDAS awareness, education and supports desperately needed throughout Canada, including expediting patient-centered research to find a cure (watch for exciting pioneering news in 2024). Your support will enable IBA to bring PANS PANDAS more into the open, and create headway in bringing systemic educational changes within medical and social support systems lagging in knowledge and treatments.

As a young, solely volunteer-driven organization, our resources are limited. We receive no government funding, which makes us all the more grateful when you partner with us through your one-time and monthly donations. We simply can’t do this crucial work without you. 

Together, with your support, we will remove the terrifying darkness these diseases inflict on PANS PANDAS families.