World PANS PANDAS Awareness Day
Wednesday, October 9, 2024

Champions raising awareness & support.

#LightUp4PANS | Global Landmark Lighting Campaign

Exciting Awareness News! As many of you remember from last year, Inflamed Brain Alliance launched an official Canadian landmark lighting campaign called #Red4PANS. This year we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our global landmark lighting partnership campaign.

On October 9 World PANS PANDAS Awareness Day, 12 advocacy organizations around the globe will be lighting up landmarks #Red4PANS or #Green4PANS. This #LightUp4PANS collaboration unites organizations and individuals from around the world to shine a light on PANS & PANDAS, support those affected, and drive impactful change.

Together, we are stronger and more capable of making a difference. Stay tuned for landmark approval updates on the 9th of every month.

Why #Red4PANS?

  • Colour of Inflammation – The color red was chosen for this campaign because it is the color representative of inflammation. For those battling PANS PANDAS, their inflammation is caused by a repeated exposure to infection that triggers an immune response. The response will produce antibodies along with proinflammatory TH-17 lymphocytes and eventually microglia which both release their own cytokines. These cytokines are responsible for damaging the blood brain barrier, which allows other molecules in the blood to pass through and enter the brain. Those with PANS PANDAS produce autoantibodies instead which will attack their own brain cells. As the BBB is damaged, the autoantibodies pass through and mistakenly target the cholinergic interneurons located in the basal ganglia.
  • Theme of Code Red – Red is also used to symbolize the urgent response that is needed in these situations, especially when one’s child is in a ‘flare’. The color red is the emergency alert code used in hospitals, which is a fitting theme when considering the experiences of PANS PANDAS patients and families.
IBA - event photos here
Winnipeg, Manitoba - Esplanade Riel

Get Involved with Awareness Day

Since 2009, PANS PANDAS families & advocates around the world have been increasing public awareness and building community support every year on October 9 World PANS PANDAS Awareness Day.

Here’s a few easy ways you can be an IBA advocate!


  • Upload our Awareness Day Profile Frame make a strong statement today on social media that puts you at the center of IBA’s cause.


  • Wear #Red4PANS! – Wear something red – maybe a red hat, shoes, umbrella, bow tie, or shirt. Be bold, ask your family & friends to join you! Also, let people know why you’re wearing red.
  • Visit a #Red4PANS Landmark with family & friends and take 2 types of photos:
    1) the #Red4PANS landmark
    2) you (and your family/group) in front of the landmark holding a #Red4PANS poster
    PDF downloads: 8.5×11 | 8.5×14 | 11×17
    (preferred size – can be printed at Staples)
  • Share Photos On Social Media tagging IBA, the landmark using the hashtag #Red4PANS.
  • Send Pics to & we’ll upload them to our new *flickr site.

Make a Donation

Until Oct. 31, you can donate to IBA’s first annual Steppin’ Out for PANS PANDAS fundraising walk held on September 23rd. The Canada-wide event was a great success, and an important step in helping bring together our PANS PANDAS kids and their families to form a supportive community. With our new charity being entirely volunteer driven and donor fuelled, your gift will help make our emerging work and impact possible.

Awareness Day Declarations & Proclamations

Awareness Day Map

Declarations & Proclamations Issued

Provinces & TerritoriesCities & Towns
2023 | British Columbia2023 | City of Calgary, AB
2023 | Alberta2023 | City of Saskatoon, SK
2023 | Saskatchewan2023 | Town of Newmarket, ON
2016 | Ontario | Bill 432023 | City of Quinte West, ON
JUNE 2023: The Government of Canada added October 9 World PANS PANDAS Awareness Day to its Calendar of Health Promotion Days to further elevate public awareness.