Research funding will leverage
our investment.

Accelerate the discovery of new treatments & personalized
therapies for individuals affected by PANS/PANDAS.

Help accelerate the discovery of new treatments for PANS PANDAS.

Healing Discoveries – advancing research

Our Healing Discoveries (HP) research program will carry out and fund projects focused on advancing and accelerating the discovery of new treatments and determine the most effective, personalized therapies for individuals affected by PANS and PANDAS.

Research funding for PANS/PANDAS

Committed to Excellence

IBA will invest in the best PANS PANDAS research awarded annually following a peer-reviewed competition. We will uphold our commitment to excellence by awarding grants to investigators from all scientific disciplines including those working in hospitals, and academic and research centers across Canada.

Grant Awards

Grant beneficiaries could include senior researchers, new investigators, and medical students (including clinicians). All grant applications are adjudicated by IBA’s Scientific Review Panel (SRP) which consists of volunteer scholars from the research community. The SRP evaluates and ranks all applications through a competitive process, and available funds are awarded.

Canada-wide Collaboration

We will leverage the value of our investment to collaborate with other research-related organizations and funders to support discoveries more broadly throughout Canada to nurture new ideas and build capacity.

Together, IBA and these researchers will create a national resource to develop effective, personalized treatments for every person affected by PANS and PANDAS.