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Healing Stories – group therapy

Our aim is to provide participants with an opportunity for healing trauma wounds and celebrating successes. Following the program, participants may want to share their stories in their own communities or lead a peer support group. Each participant becomes a valuable part of the community!

Storytelling Participants Experience Belonging

PANS PANDAS isolates individuals and families and deeply challenges the notion of self, causing dissociating life narratives even after physical healing.

Healing Stories (HS) provides online group therapy for patients and families impacted directly or indirectly by PANS PANDAS.

This program focuses on learning how to process difficult stories to help dismantle personal and public barriers, inspire hope, raise awareness, and connect participants with a supportive community where highly emotional PANS PANDAS narratives are honored.

Storytelling therapy

Storytelling Format

  • IBA will host weekly one-hour group zoom sessions over a 4-8 week period.
  • Sessions are led by trauma-focused and evidence-based therapists.
  • A low ratio (8-10) of participant-to-therapist will foster a community of camaraderie and trust to help nurture the healing process.
  • Trained coaches may be utilized for smaller break out room sessions.

Storytelling Workshops

  • Following the group therapy program, participants may want to share their stories in their own communities to continue their healing journey and to give back for advocacy purposes.
  • One-hour storytelling workshops will be offered a different times of the year and will allow participants to tap into their unique creativity.
  • Individuals will have the option to sign up for a variety of workshop streams from the following areas such as: poetry (i.e., spoken word art), visual art, sport, music, film, photography, dance, acting and more.
  • With permission, stories will be shared on IBA’s digital media platforms (web, social media, blog, newsletter).