Hope Companions support groups offer hope.

Improve your wellbeing with others who share common experiences.

Hope Companions Support Groups via Zoom

  • IBA’s informal peer support groups are led by (and for) young adults (ages 18-29), caregivers, family members and friends affected by PANS PANDAS.
  • Groups offer emotional, social, and informational support & connection with those who share similar lived experience.
  • Support meetings are currently offered online throughout Canada. We hope to offer in-person meet-ups in the future. These meet-ups will be held at comfortable public spaces (e.g. coffee shops, community spaces, or at a local child and youth mental health agency).
  • These are accepting and supportive groups providing encouragement, empowerment and hope within a safe environment.
  • Groups may have guest speakers on topics ranging from parenting, trauma, self care… and more.
  • Group meet-ups are 3-5 times a year, and sometimes more often depending on the interests of the leader and group, with group sizes varying.
  • Joining an IBA’s peer support group is free and there is no commitment required.

No one should ever have to journey alone.

Interested in facilitating peer support in your region?

Enter some basic info into the sign-up form HERE, and our National Lead of Peer Support will connect with you.